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What are GoToConnect PBX Admin Tools?

GoToConnect PBX admin tools are a suite of resources that accompany the GoToConnect cloud phone system, which is a business phone system that provides inbound and outbound voice and video communication. These tools help to support VoIP (voice over IP) systems, including the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) used in VoIP communications that allow users to make voice and video calls.

The system administration tools help manage PBX features like voicemail, music on hold, call recording, dialing, conferencing, interactive voice response (IVR), caller ID, and incoming phone calls. These admin tools also oversee your main phone number as well as multiple telephone lines used across your company.


Advantages of GoToConenct PBX Admin Tools

Traditional landlines and communication legacy systems can't offer the benefits of a PBX phone system.

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    Exceptional Value

    Using a hosted PBX phone system means you don't have to invest thousands of dollars for a new system. Nor are you required to spend money on upgrades and new features. Everything is included in one hosting price.

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    Flexible and Scalable

    The wide array of admin tools for the GoToConnect PBX system provides the necessary flexibility and scalability to help companies expand. The virtual communications system can continue to accommodate more team members across more telephone lines and phone extensions.

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    Mobility Options

    The hosted PBX system and administration tools are made with remote teams in mind. Options include accounting for different access equipment, including PCs, Mac computers, and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

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    Easily Deployable

    Your system administrator can easily deploy and oversee the PBX system by using the PBX administration tools. Simple voice menus help everyone quickly learn how to get the most out of this hosted VoIP system.

Why Choose GoToConnect?

Using a wealth of expertise and knowledge gained from working with all types of businesses, we understand your communication and service pain points. Our GoToConnect solution alleviates those issues and addresses today's modern, digital work environment.

  • Return on Investment

    The GoToConnect solution offers a significant return on investment, enhancing your overall customer experience in the minds of customers and prospects. The all-inclusive price provides an expansive, fully upgradable communications system with over 100 VoIP features for businesses of all sizes. There are no hidden costs.
  • Business Continuity

    Get peace of mind that your business will always be open and accessible to customers no matter where your remote or headquarters teams operate. Know that your company can continue to operate regardless of an unexpected disaster. We have a history of 99.99% uptime for VoIP.
  • High-Performance Results

    The GoToConnect PBX system is constantly undergoing fine-tuning with upgrades, assessments, and user testing. All the feedback we receive helps direct current and future improvements to our VoIP technology and unified communications platform.


Dial Plan Editor

Dial Plan Editor is an industry first, offering a way to map out your own call flows visually by using a drag-and-drop canvas. This capability enables you to plan where incoming calls will go by deploying tools like wait times, auto-attendants, voicemail boxes, sound clips, HTTP notify nodes, ring groups, and modify caller ID nodes.

There are endless real-time configuration options you control across as many lines as you'd like. You'll also be able to set different call patterns to accommodate different schedule types, such as variable work hours, holiday hours, and after-hours work.

It's easy for anyone to add a menu option when you've just expanded with a new department or additional staff. In just a couple minutes, you can log into your portal and then use click-to-add menu functionality and drag-and-drop tools.


Custom Schedules

This PBX admin tool allows administrators to configure time-based call routing. Custom schedules typically involve situations like open/closed hours, special events, and holiday hours. Schedules can be set in advance and then manually or automatically activated.

The custom schedules tool also lets you create custom greetings to accompany each schedule. Administrators can set the entire year's schedule in just one step so they don't have to manually change call routing at any point.


Web-Based User Portal

Our online end-user portal allows all end users, including those without administration permissions, to modify their own Find Me/Follow Me, voicemail, and fax-to-email settings in real-time. Each user can do things like changing the email their voicemail messages go to or switching voicemail messages to sound files that go to an email address.

It's a simple process that involves logging into the online portal, clicking the settings tabs that need to be changed, and saving these changes.


Web-Based Admin Portal

Our online admin portal lets those users with administrative permissions view and make universal, real-time changes to the PBX system settings from any device that has an internet connection. Common use cases include changing the Dial Plan, configuring new devices, adding or deleting users, changing extensions or company hold music, and updating call filter settings.


Other Features

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    Call Routing

    Get your call connected to the correct endpoint.

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    Dial By Name

    Find an employee's extension using only their name.

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    Call Forwarding

    Forward your extension to any cell phone, landline, or co-worker.

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    Unlimited Extensions

    Use an unlimited amount of extensions at no extra charge.

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    Extension Transferring

    Transfer a call to another extension with an announcement or blind transfer.

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    Find Me/Follow Me

    Route incoming calls to multiple phones in a specified sequence for unique flow.

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We have many resources available to ensure that all your questions are answered about how to use Dial Plan Editor and all of our other IP PBX systems tools. We have a fully staffed customer service and technical support departments with knowledgeable agents who can answer questions and address concerns. You can access our agents 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days per year. You can also tap into our online videos and user training manuals that offer step-by-step instructions on using all our PBX phone system tools.

You can control access to the Dial Plan Editor by setting up permissions for various users in the administrator portal. This can be done by your administrator or you can seek assistance from our customer service agents.

You can configure this through the Dial Plan Editor. Greetings and related options can change automatically based on the schedule at any time during the Dial Plan, such as before or after an auto attendant greeting.

There are not any available, but you can create your own custom, pre-recorded holiday greeting and upload it as a .WAV file. This custom, pre-recorded holiday greeting can then automatically play during a pre-determined schedule.

No. After the initial configuration, Dial Plans will adjust automatically to meet your desired schedule. You can create multiple schedules for open/closed hours, holiday hours, and more.

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