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Watch how to host an online meeting or set up a conference call

Conference calls and online meetings give you the power to connect with participants easily and effectively. By hosting an online meeting and bringing everyone together in a single digital space, you can communicate ideas and share thoughts efficiently as a group, regardless of distance.


How to start an online meeting or a conference call

Conference calls turn traditional telephone communication with prospects, customers and employees into powerful tools for your business. To get started setting up an online meeting or conference call with GoToMeeting, simply follow these steps:

Step 1. Sign in to your account

Setting up conference calls or online meetings requires that you register an account with GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting offers a free 14-day trial so you can get a feel for the service before you commit to anything. Once you have an account, sign in to access your options on the “My Meetings” page.

Step 2. Schedule a meeting time

On the “My Meetings” page, click the “Schedule” button under the “Schedule a meeting” section. A new window will open in your browser. Use the available options to select a date and time for the conference call, and designate whether the meeting will be reoccurring. If you have attendees across different time zones, make sure that you set your meeting for a time that works well for everyone. We recommend Thursdays at 12:00 pm / 3:00 pm.

Step 3. Choose your audio options

From the same window, click the “Audio” tab to access your audio options. From here you can select whether to use your computer’s built-in audio, such as a microphone and speakers, or use your own conference call service. GoToMeeting also provides long-distance and toll-free number options, as well as the Call Me feature.

Step 4. Set permissions and passwords

There are two other tabs you can access in this window: “Co-organizers” and “Password.” From The “Co-organizer” tab you can designate whether anyone else involved in the call should have the same permissions as the host, allowing them to direct and control the call from their own computer. And, if you’d like an extra layer of security, you can set a password via the “Password” tab and then send the password information to your attendees.

Step 5. Edit details and invite attendees

Use the “My Meetings” page to invite attendees. You can come back to edit details and invite more attendees at any time. Optional plug-ins also allow you to schedule meetings directly through Outlook or Google Calendar.

Step 6. Start the meeting

If you’d like to host a non-scheduled meeting right away, you can do that from the “My Meetings” page. Just click “Start your meeting,” and then click “Share” to send meeting details to your attendees. To begin a scheduled meeting, go to your meeting history, find the correct meeting and click the “Start” button.

Step 7. Access your control panel

During your meeting, you can access a range of options from the control panel on the right side of your browser window. Here you will also have access to the complete list of conference call attendees.

Step 8. Conduct the meeting

Once you’ve finished your conference call, check with your attendees to make sure that there aren’t any questions or concerns. Share the call recordings with all participants.

Step 9. Follow up

Check up on your attendees shortly after the webinar, preferably within 24 hours. Ask whether there are any more questions or requests.

What are the benefits of conference calls?

Knowing how to host a meeting online with GoToMeeting is only part of the equation. Here are some reasons why you should be using conference calling for your business.

Simplify your communications

Getting everyone together on a single telephone call doesn’t have to be difficult. GoToMeeting’s built-in scheduling and contact options bring your team together at the click of a button.

Connect from anywhere

GoToMeeting conference calling is compatible with any Mac or PC desktop or laptop. It’s also fully supported on iOS and Android mobile devices via the official GoToMeeting app. This means that no matter where you are, you’ll have direct access to powerful conferencing options.

Integrate with your calendars

The last thing you need is another program sending reminders and trying to get your attention. With GoToMeeting plug-ins, you can schedule and access meetings directly from Outlook and Google calendars.


Simple, clear conferencing with GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting offers a full suite of conference call features to ensure that you get the most out of your meetings.

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    Optional toll-free numbers for over 50 countries

    Connect with teammates, clients and prospects from around the globe without your participants having to worry about long-distance charges. GoToMeeting offers toll-free numbers for more than 50 countries.

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    Free conference call recording

    Don’t let important information or ideas be forgotten. GoToMeeting call recording creates a digital record and transcript of your conference calls, so you can review, share and keep meeting details for future use.

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    Single-tap conference call meetings with screen sharing

    The last thing you need when conducting a conference call is confusing, overly complex controls. GoToMeeting makes setting up a meeting and sharing your screen as easy as pushing a button.

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    Custom email invitations

    Show your invitees that you care with customized email invites that address them personally and represent your brand effectively.

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    High-quality video conferencing

    When audio just isn’t enough, incorporate high-quality video into your conference calls and never miss out on the nonverbal side of communication.

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    Integrated scheduling

    Incorporate GoToMeeting into the calendars you already use. GoToMeeting plug-ins for Outlook and Google calendars mean you’ll have your most important schedules all in one place.

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    Mobile applications

    Don’t chain yourself or your participants to the office. GoToMeeting mobile apps for iOS and Android make conferencing on the go a reality.

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    Reservationless connections

    Include up to 500 participants in an audio-only conference call without having to schedule or reserve bridge capacity beforehand through OpenVoice. Hold audio conferences whenever you need to you, even at a moment’s notice.

Get answers to all of your meeting questions

  • A meeting planning checklist is a resource that will help you plan a successful meeting. Here are some items a meeting planning checklist may contain:
    • Identify the purpose of the meeting
    • Create an initial agenda
    • Formulate a list of meeting participants
    • Determine the roles of meeting participants
    • Schedule a date, time, and location for the meeting
    • Send a meeting invitation to key meeting participants
  • Here are some tips to starting a successful conference call:
    • Start a conference call by introducing yourself and anyone else on the line
    • Briefly state the purpose of the meeting and get into the meat of the call quickly
    • Coordinate the speaking order before the call
    • Guide the discussion by keeping the team on topic and off tangents
    • Send out a brief call summary after the call
  • The best way to introduce someone on a conference call is to:
    • Briefly mention their name and role
    • Give a short reason as to why they are on the call
    • Mention when during the call they will be speaking (if applicable)
Conference call etiquette includes being on time, giving your full attention to meeting participants and not interrupting others who are speaking. Just as you wouldn’t show up late for a critical in-person meeting, you should be punctual when conference calling as well. When you are not speaking, it’s courteous to keep your microphone on mute to avoid any feedback or unnecessary noise.
The cost of conference calling is generally very affordable with prices that vary depending on the number of users and features you need. More robust conference calling platforms typically offer more functionality and therefore cost slightly more. In general, a good conference call service may cost anywhere from $14 to $40 per month depending on the plan you select. See GoToMeeting pricing

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